Ambassador Viktor Mátis - October 2020 Trabzon Visit

On behalf of the Honorary Consulate of Hungary, Ambassador Viktor Mátis, Consul General László Keller, Consul Anikó Gróf,
Honorary Consul Umut Durbakayım and the accompanying delegation visited Trabzon Governorship, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality,
Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry and K.T.U. Rectorate offices.

Trabzon Governorship

Ambassador Viktor Mátis and his delegation visited Trabzon Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu in his office. There had been a mutual exchange of ideas about the activities that can be done in the field of culture and art.

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality

Ambassador Viktor Mátis and his delegation visited Trabzon Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu in his office.

Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ambassador Viktor Mátis and his delegation visited Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Suat Hacısalihoğlu in his office.

Ambassador Mátis emphasized that they aim to develop cooperation between Hungary and Trabzon, especially in tourism and agriculture, and said, "We have a relationship that has very old historical roots. We are ready to do whatever we have to do to revive it again."

TTSO President Suat Hacısalihoğlu gave us detailed information about Trabzon's historical, commercial and cultural background. Speaking about the investment opportunities and cooperation opportunities in Trabzon, President Hacısalihoğlu said, "The city of Zigetvar in Hungary and Trabzon are sister cities. Suleiman the Magnificent was born in Trabzon and died in Zigetvar. In this respect, Trabzon and Hungary have a special bond. For a while, bilateral relations were very intense. We want to revive these relationships again. During the pandemic, we can start conversations with video conferencing method, and then develop cooperation through mutual visits. Businessmen from Trabzon have investments in a wide geography and Hungary is a country that is very open to development, especially in agriculture.

Ambassador Mátis also visited the Ministry of Culture and Tourism - TCCI Private Silk Road Museum and obtained detailed information about the artifacts from the President.

K.T.U. Rectorate

Ambassador Viktor Mátis and the accompanying delegation visited the Rector of Karadeniz Technical University Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI in his office.

Ayasofya Mosque - Kanuni House - Sumela Monastery

The delegation also visited Ayasofya Mosque, Kanuni House and Sumela Monastery and obtained information from the authorities.