Honorary Consulate Inauguration Ceremony and
Designation of Umut Durbakayım as Honorary Consul

The inauguration ceremony of the Honorary Consulate of Hungary Trabzon Office and the designation of Umut Durbakayim as the Honorary Consul of Hungary Trabzon ceremony was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Ambassador Viktor Mátis, Trabzon Deputy Governor Bunyamin Yildiz, Deputy General Manager of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Omur Unsay, Trabzon Police Chief Metin Alper, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Ahmet Adanur, Ortahisar Municipality Director of Cultural and Social Affairs Saadettin Onsel, Trabzon Culture and Tourism Deputy Director Mustafa Asan, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Member Kadem Cakiroglu and Guven Kucukosman, Ak Parti Trabzon Provincial Vice President Ahmet Karadeniz, Trabzon Former Deputy Ali Kemal Basaran, Consul General László Keller, Consul Gabor Sandor Gubicza, Hungarian Cultural Center Director Gábor Fodor and many Turkish and Hungarian guests attended the ceremony.

The ceremony started with the national anthems of the two countries.

Honorary Consul Umut Durbakayim “I believe that the Trabzon Honorary Consulate office will bring benefits for both countries and I wish our office to be beneficial to both countries. As the honorary consul, my main goal will be to expand our activities across the two countries and to develop and strengthen our common grounds focused on Trabzon.” He also emphasized that he will make an effort to contribute to economic cooperation. Honorary Consul Durbakayım stated that during his term of office, he will take important steps with the Hungarian government in every field, especially in economic and cultural fields.

Durbakayim said “The relationship of Turks and Hungarians is at the level of brotherhood rather than friendship and it is growing stronger day by day." and underlined that this friendship that started in the past has turned into a social and economic unity in the globalizing world conditions.

Emphasizing that the Trabzon-based Honorary Consulate is a new gateway from Trabzon to Hungary, Umut Durbakayim said, “Behind this gate lies the great Hungarian geography and 27 other European Union countries. I hope that in the coming days, we will develop and strengthen the many opportunities offered by these countries together with our Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our Universities and, of course, our Excellency, Ambassador Viktor Mátis.

Umut Durbakayim summarized his main mission as “I will cooperate with the business world in Trabzon and its region in every step to be taken in order to protect the common interests between the two countries. I will take it as a basic duty to introduce and merge the commercial, social and cultural wealth between the two countries."

At the end of his speech "I would like to express my gratitude to President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and to the President of Hungary Mr. Janos Ader, who deemed me worthy of this honorable duty." said the new Honorary Consul Umut Durbakayim. He conveyed his gratitude to the governments of Republic of Turkey and Hungary, Excellency Ambassador Viktor Mátis who has never withheld his support, all embassy employees and his family who were always with him in this process.
Ambassador Viktor Mátis emphasized on the historical ties between the two countries, ongoing since 2013, in his speech, and highlighted the strategic cooperation between Hungary and Turkey. “Especially since then, our cooperation in economy, culture and other fields has developed further. However, we had a deficiency especially in this region. Thank you Mr. With Umut Durbakayım accepting to undertake this duty, we are eliminating this deficiency today. " made the explanation. “Especially since then, our cooperation in economy, culture and other fields has developed further. However, we had a deficiency especially in this region. Thanks to Umut Durbakayim accepting to undertake this duty, we are eliminating this deficiency today. " he added.

Ambassador Viktor Mátis wished Mr. Umut success for his future work on behalf of Trabzon and the Black Sea Region, referring to the fact that Mr. Umut will be the representative of Hungary in Trabzon and the surrounding provinces in the Black Sea, and that the relations between Hungary and Trabzon will be further strengthened with his contributions.
Ambassador Viktor Mátis and Honorary Consul Umut Durbakayım made statements to a local news center before the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the delegation and the guests went to the office in Ataturk Square and opened the Hungary Trabzon Honorary Consulate Office.

After this the delegation opened the exhibition "Ottoman-Turkish architecture in Hungary and the Hungarian Traces in Turkey" which is located in Hamamizade Ihsan Bey Kultur Merkezi.