Political Structure of Hungary

Hungary passed to the parliamentary democracy regime in 1989. The unicameral Parliament consists of 199 deputies elected for a four-year term. The election threshold is 5% for one party, 10% for two-party alliances, 15% for alliances with three or more parties.

The Fidezs-KDNP (Christian Democratic Party) alliance led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban came out victorious in the general elections, European Parliament (EP) elections and local elections held consecutively in 2014 in Hungary. The new Orban Government took office on June 6, 2014.

The President, elected by the Parliament, is the head of state and representative of the nation unity; oversees the democratic functioning of the state mechanism; he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. According to the Constitution, Heads of State can be elected at most 2 times for 5 years.

Janos Ader was re-elected by the Parliament as the 5th President of Hungary for a second term on 13 March 2017.